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There are many harmed by


The IRPH is an index that includes financial institutions to calculate the variation in those mortgages that have variable interest. In ACOREO we understand that there was a lack of transparency and abuse in their hiring due to a serious infringement of the duty of information on the consequences of the index, in an environment of interests dominated by a downward Euribor.

There are thousands of people affected by mortgages referenced with IRPH indexes of banks and entities.

We invite all those affected to contact us so that we can help them in the annulment of these abusive clauses. We can help them by claiming through the courts that the credit is without interest, applying only the differential or referenced to Euribor.

Claim against your

Soil Clause

The soil clause is a barrier that banks included in mortgage loans and that, in the end, transformed the interest variable agreed to fixed interest.

The resolution of the Superior Court of European Justice of last December 21, 2016 has rectified the criterion of the Supreme Court. It does this regarding the return of interest unduly paid since the beginning of the mortgage loan, and not since May 9, 2013.

Some banking entities leave these clauses without effect, but without eliminating them from the deed. They try to prevent the affected party from filing a lawsuit.

The lawsuit causes a judge to declare the null ground clause in his Judgment. This gives the possibility of claiming unduly paid interest.

In addition, the elimination of other abusive clauses, such as mortgage expenses, assignment of credits, early maturity or default interest, may be claimed.

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