Banking Products

Preferred and Subordinate

The malpractice in its commercialization has led to the obtaining of thousands of favorable judgments in Courts of First Instance and Provincial Courts of all Spain.

Can I still claim?

No deadline: All those who are still paying interest today.

BANKIA shares

Caja Madrid offered shares to its customers, implying that it was a fixed income when it was not. Most of them were inexperienced, so they trusted that it would be a safe investment.

ACOREO figures Bankia shares

  • More than 300,000 affected throughout Spain
  • 3 million euros recovered
  • Favorable judgments in practically 100% of procedures


Mortgage Loan Reference Indices (IRPH)

In ACOREO we understand that there was a lack of transparency and abuse in their hiring since the contractors were not informed of the possible consequences.

In ACOREO we judicially nullify this type of abusive clause, so that the credit is without interest or referenced to the Euribor.

Soil Clause

Barrier that the banking entities included in the mortgage loans and that transform the agreed variable interest into a fixed interest.

If the judgment of the TSJUE corrects the criterion of the Spanish Supreme Court, those affected by ground clauses may claim the interest unduly charged. They will be able to do it from the beginning of the application of the floor clause. Generally, land clauses entered into force in 2009. It was because of the general lowering of interest rates, so it is necessary to study case by case.

Santander Values

Bonds necessarily convertible into shares. They were issued for the purchase of AMRO. This was financed through more than 100,000 affected. These subscribed those values and have had losses greater than 55%.

ACOREO is a pioneering association in obtaining favorable judgments in favor of those affected by the judicial process.

Banco Popular Values

Bonds necessarily convertible into shares. Their maturities occurred during the month of November 2015. Those affected who subscribed this product have had losses of about 80%.

There are thousands of people affected in Spain. Given the due date, there is time to file a claim through the courts.


Financial products in whose commercialization there was, in the majority of cases, a lack of information about the nature of the product, the risks and the consequences of its cancellation.

The term to request the nullity of the contract begins to count from the date of expiration or date of cancellation. In some cases, in ACOREO, we propose the action of damages in a longer term.

Unit Linked

Contracts in which the person who subscribed the result of the investments was imputed to the person. Investments that the bank made with the amount invested in the product. A practice that can be considered an abuse and is, therefore, susceptible to judicial nullity.

The TS has stated that the problems arising from the interpretation or application of these contracts should be governed by the Securities Market Law and not by the Insurance Law.

Financial Contributions

Eroski & Fagor

Subordinated financial contributions are fixed income securities with explicit performance. They are normally issued by credit institutions that offer a higher return than other debt assets.

In the case of the AFS FAGOR and EROSKI, the law 4/1993, of June 24, of cooperatives in Euskadi was modified to allow the issuance of subordinated financial contributions as a financing instrument for these companies.

Icelandic Bonds

Landsbanki Island & Kaupthing Bank

Icelandic bonds that were commercialized in Spain by some banks, such as BANKPIME, KUTXA or even other foreigners with branches in Spain.

During the years 2005 and 2006, the Icelandic banks issued their own bonds. They had characteristics very similar to preferred shares. In October 2008 these banks went bankrupt resulting in the biggest financial crisis in that country. Despite the subsequent nationalization of the same, the market value of these bonds in the German fixed income markets is close to € 0. Therefore, those who invested in these bonds have lost all their capital and also their retribution.

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