1. Enroll in the Association

Complete the form. It is essential to be registered as an associate in order to initiate a legal proceeding.

2. Send documentation

If you do not have the documentation when completing the form, send it later to your city’s lawyer.

3. Providing funds

Deposit €10 to be a member of the Association. Later we will detail the amount of the provision of funds.

How to correctly make the

Provision of funds

Enrolling the association is the solution if you are harmed by a banking product, either those mentioned above or different from those reported in the adjacent pages and you wish to act as a claimant through ACOREO. We would appreciate if you could complete the following adhesion procedure. It is essential to be registered as an associate in order to initiate a judicial procedure through ACOREO.

Account Holder: ACOREO (Consumers Association)

Entity: BANKIA

Account: ES90 2038 9110 4160 0156 7732

1.-We inform you that, in cases where there is an estimate of the claim without costs, these will be paid by the plaintiff’s party in accordance with the fees of the corresponding bar association.

2.-On the other hand, in cases of estimated judgment with costs, the professionals’ fees will be paid by the opposing party in accordance with the guidelines of the bar association and the corresponding cost assessment approved by the court.

3.-In both cases, at the end of the judicial proceeding, the provision of funds will be settled by deducting the corresponding expenses from the presentation of the claim.

Whenever you make a deposit, please, it is important that you remember to put NAME + CITY + ASSOCIATE number so that we can process your request as soon as possible.

Fill in the following form

Once sent you will receive a copy of it in your email with your associate number

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